Annex Carpet

    Carpet Making


We receive hand spun and mill spun wool in grey form . It is our in- house dyeing infrastructure with vegetable dyeing that we colour the wool with fast colours. These colour combinations are done by our well versed staff in our Reserch and Developement department.


Keeping in view the keen and cut throat competition we feel proud of our designers who give us absolutely fresh designs as per the carpet market demand, maintaining the highest degree of secrecy.


Over the years we have been able to develop the rural population units into skilled weaves by providing them looms for 100% buy back facility.In a way the looms are our in-house infrastructure where by only our secrecy is weaved into a carpet as such maintaining the level of secrecy.


We feel proud to have a 100% environment friendly washing plant where by we have created the facility of regular, herbal and antique wash . Perfection in our washing and the finishing of our carpets is allways outstanding.


It is after all the processes, our carpet has already got a touch of class, that our fine clippers when use their skilled hands and make our carpets internationally acceptable on the very first presentation.